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The Principality of Monaco has a fast-growing, diversified and forward-looking economy. We have shown you that Monaco is the perfect place to live, let us show you why Monaco is the ultimate place to invest in real estate.

The Principality of Monaco attracts investors by the total absence of any direct taxation.

This principle excludes French nationals under the Bilateral Convention between France and Monaco of 1963.

There is no wealth tax, the only direct tax in the Principality is the tax on profits of companies generating more than 25% of their turnover outside Monaco.

Regarding your investment, there is no property tax, housing tax or capital gains tax.

In addition, the level of taxation depends on the nature of the relationship between the deceased person and their heir. From 0% for direct filiation between parents and children or spouses and 16% between persons who are not related.

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Investir dans l'immobilier à Monaco

Investir dans l'immobilier à Monaco